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JULY 2021
Liuzzi e Liuzzi International Law & Tax Firm
Italy- Spain
is working
also during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency
For a videoconferencing-appointment or a conference call with the professionals of the Firms
(Italian and Spanish lawyers,
tax-advisors, chartered accountants, economists),
for legal consulting and assistance click here
Liuzzi e Liuzzi
International law & tax Firm
Italy- Spain
Studio legale e tributario Internazionale- Bufete Internacional de Abogados y Economistas
member of the Bar Association of Rome, Italy- Ordine degli Avvocati di Roma
and of the Bar Association of Alcalà de Henares- Madrid, Spain- Ilustre Colegio de abogados de Alcalá de Henares Madrid, España)
and together with the collaboration of the Of Counsel Economist Economista Yanina Veronica Liuzzi
(member of the Economists Association of the Balearic Islands- Spain- Colegio de Economistas de las Islas Baleares, España)
and with the collaboration of many other professionals (lawyers, tax advisors, psychologists, psychiatrists, private investigators etc.)
provides legal consulting assistance, tax advice, judicial and extra judicial assistance
in Italy and Spain according to Italian law and Spanish law, International law and European Union Law
in any of the following areas of legal practice in Italy, areas of legal practice in Spain and before the European Courts
without intermediaries
and with no need to travel to Europe, Italy, Spain for receiving legal & tax consulting/assistance:

Civil Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law,
Will, Trust and Probate Law,
Family Law,  International Law
Administrative Law, Commercial Law,  Corporate Law,
European Union Law,Customs Law
Intellectual Property Law, Shipping and Maritime Law
Immigration law, Real Estate Law, Tourism Law, Sports Law
Healthcare Law and Medical Clinical Negligence,
Personal injury,  Labor Law
Areas of practive in Spain of Liuzzi e Liuzzi Law & Tax firm in Spain
Practice areas of italian law- legal and tax advice in Italy
Liuzzi e Liuzzi

Italia- España
Italy- Spain & worldwide assistance
Italian Law, Spanish Law, European Union Law, International Law
Liuzzi e Liuziz Law Firm is working also during the Coronavirus emergency in Italy and in Spain
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