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Headed by lawyer Viviana Fiorella Liuzzi (member of the Bar Association of Rome Ordine and the Bar Association of Alcalà de Henares- Madrid- España) and the Chartered Accountant/Certified Accountant Yanina Veronica Liuzzi (member of the Register of Chartered Accounts of the Balearic Islands- Spain) and with the collaboration of other members (lawyers, external consultants and interns)  Liuzzi e Liuzzi Law & Tax International Firm provides legal assistance, tax advice, judicial and extra judicial assistance in Italy and Spain in the following areas of Italian law and Spanish law:

Civil Law- Criminal Law- Italian Tax Law- Intellectual Property- Administrative Law- Commercial Law- Labour Law- Immigration Law- Customs Law- Family Law- International Law- Labelling- Packaging- International Law- Law of Successions- Real Estate legal assistance

Practice areas of italian law- legal and tax advice in Italy
Areas of practive in Spain of Liuzzi e Liuzzi Law & Tax firm in Spain

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Articles of Italian law

Articles of Spanish law

Telephones & fax                     
Tel.: +39 06 92 95 83 92
       +39 02 87 15 98 07
Fax: +39 06 96 70 89 57
Roma- Milano- Bologna- Torino- Firenze
(and other Italian locations)                    


Telephones & Fax
Tel.:  + 34 931 84 54 82
         + 34 971 57 67 29
Fax:  +34 971 57 47 50
Barcelona- Madrid- Palma de Mallorca- Sevilla- Valencia
(and other spanish locations)

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